What is PER4M?

There are three key elements to PER4M


“To care for and protect someone while they are growing.”

Recognising, capturing and nurturing talent is a key component to a successful business. With employees’ total cost to the company increasing, it is vital that business works effectively with the talent it already has in its possession. Talent first needs to be recognised, and then it becomes a mutual responsibility of employer and employee to nurture the talent that exists. The first step is for the employee to see and explore their inner desires to move forward in their career, in areas such as management where they will undoubtedly be assuming greater responsibility. That first step on to the managerial ladder is the most daunting, as we well know, there is no prescribed rule book to follow.

The management philosophy is based on our own experience; what we have witnessed in previous experience of being managed by others, we learn from the good, and not so good!

This is the first input of an effective management coach, who can guide through tried and tested methods and most importantly, experience, of what can and cannot work.


“To help place people in their correct and appropriate place.”

Ensuring your talent is effectively aligned to your strategic vision is a critical success factor.

An effectively executed strategy is not achieved by telling people what to do. It is achieved by sharing the strategy, communicating effectively, and ensuring staff and objectives are aligned.

However, talented the individual, their aspirations must be effectively aligned to the business strategy and goals, if not, the strategy will fail, and the people will eventually leave.

NAD Consulting facilities this alignment through external coaching, working as a conduit between employer and employee to extract maximum potential, by aligning the skills of the individual to the corporate objectives.

External coaching is without bias, but is clear and concise, with the purpose of aligning the individual and the business, to achieve a fully rounded success

If the employee-employer alignment is carried out in an effective and transparent manner, this can be the difference between success and failure.


“To do or provide the things you are expected to”

Any investment in people, must result in delivery of both the individuals personal development and the company attaining its corporate strategy and goals as a result of the individuals contribution.

One of the key components for business delivery, is to ensure that teams are a cohesive and singularly minded group. Each individual will have differing strengths and development areas but by harnessing these together the deliver of overall objectives are far more attainable.

PER4M Overview

Group Sessions

Ideally suited to groups of 10, participants will be taken through the fundamentals of effective management and can feed off each other and share real-life experiences.

Areas covered include:

  • Understanding the Person
  • The Expectations of management
  • Resilience in the role
  • The 4 principles of management
  • Mindset

This is then taken forward to stage two, which consists of a number of 1-1 sessions, where more specific individual areas of need form the foundation of the ongoing coaching programme.

The first stage of the programme will give participants an overview and insight into the fundamentals of what is required of them and is particularly suitable when they take on new managerial function. However, it can be tailored dependent on the level of seniority. Individuals will then be asked to complete a questionnaire that will help draw out specific areas of coaching stage two.

The programme is designed primarily for new to role supervisors and managers, or those taking on a 2nd level managerial function( managing managers). Topics covered include line management, effective team building, managing the manager, effective appraisal and objective setting. For those with revenue targets and P&L accountability within their remit, these subjects can also be covered as required.

Benefits of Coaching for Organisation

  • Increased creativity, better performance/productivity
  • Facilitates better culture and management styles
  • Increases staff engagement
  • Reduces turnover and associated recruitment costs
  • Opportunity to correct behaviour/performance issues
  • Demonstrates that the organisation is committed to people development
  • Develops high potential staff and aides effective succession planning
  • Decreased absence due to increased wellness of employees

Senior Management and Executive Coaching

One to One Sessions

The programme starts with a free consultation  where coach and coachee discuss aims of the programme, and approval is gained to continue to the full programme. The next step is to complete a comprehensive 360 degree feedback, with input from line manager, peer group, subordinates, and an interactor, this will help the coach to better understand the employee’s role, responsibility and key objectives. This confidential feedback is critical in gathering a holistic picture of both strengths and development areas.

Once this information has been assessed, the employee will be asked to complete the same questionnaire, and this collective information will be the foundation of the ongoing coaching programme which will be for an initial five sessions. These coaching sessions can be carried out either face to face, or through video conferencing.

A feedback meeting will be held with the employee’s line manager and HR department if required to complete the coaching engagement process.

Benefits of Coaching for individuals

  • Individuals become more aware and self-reliant
  • Gain more job satisfaction
  • Personal drive is increased
  • Individuals contribute more effectively to team ethos
  • Individuals are willing to accept more responsibility
  • More effective communication
  • Work productively on 360 degree basis.
  • Trust is established, giving foundation for growth